Seminal Seminars

Wide-audience Scientific Seminars of IST-Tagus


  • 7th of October

    Revolutions & Oportunities:  A Mission for the University and Some Thoughts
    José Epifânio da Franca

    The "Mead&Conway Revolution" had its start with the publication of the book "Introduction to VLSI System Design", in December 1979, which enabled the demystifying of the know-how and the quick massification of the access to a technology that until then was confined to a few semiconductor companies.  This revolution ensued from the separation between design and fabrication of integrated circuits, thus creating fundamental conditions for the access to this technology to become universal: to anyone, from anywhere. This revolution started another one, without  parallel in any other industry in the world -- the disintegration of the value-chain, creating opportunities, for anyone from anywhere, to participate in what will probably continue being the most strategic and global industry of this century.


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